Saturday, May 25, 2013

We're Back!

Unloading in the CC Little parking lot, and ready to get home...  It's been a great trip. Thanks everyone!

New Cut

Following a tip from a local who visited with us at the last stop, we are checking out a newer road cut nearby along Kentucky route 92. 

Pennsylvanian Stop

Along I-75 heading north we've stopped to look at an outcrop of Pennsylvanian sandstones and shakes. An interesting feature of these deposits here is a layer exhibiting significant soft-sediment deformation. 

Last Morning

One final rise and shine for the last leg of the trip. It seems a lot easier to find our way between the walk-in campsites and the car park now that it is light out. We definitely started out by taking the long way around last night.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Long Drive

After a long drive today, we've arrived in Cloudland Canyon State Park. We didn't find any good exposures around Birmingham, Alabama, our rock stop target for today, so we drove on. Fortunately the beginning of Memorial Day weekend didn't bring too much traffic with it, and we're hoping that trend continues for our final push home tomorrow. We'll likely skip our regular stops along the interstate if there is heavy traffic, but we've got a few things to see on side roads too. For now, we've hiked into our campsites and are enjoying one last campfire. 

Today's First Stop

Our first rock stop today is an outcrop along I-10 west of Van Horn, TX. We examined a variety of Eocene intrusive rocks in a mixed assemblage of Cretaceous clastic and carbonate sedimentary rocks. 

Lake Fausee Pointe State Park

After we finished off the crawfish last night we were serenaded by a cacophony of bayou fauna (listen). Most of us spent the night in tents for the first time too to avoid the bugs, and fortunately we didn't get anymore rain, just some nice lightning shows.